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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chemistry Skills for Drug Discovery

I recently came across the article summarized below. The full PDF can be downloaded here.

Chemistry skills for drug discovery

11 April 2013

Chemistry expertise is critical to technical success across the spectrum of innovative medicines R&D. 
This position paper describes the changes that have taken place in the drug discovery sector and the challenges this presents in terms of ensuring chemistry, as the key enabling science, continues to deliver the essential translation of biological opportunity into clinical application.
It includes:
  • Impact of recent developments on training capacity and mobility
  • Key skills and capabilities for drug discovery chemists 


From target selection and compound design through to informing the design of clinical studies, chemistry has a vital role to play in driving the future success of drug discovery and, more broadly, the pharmaceutical sector as a whole.
A major stumbling block for the industry over recent years has been unacceptably high level of Phase 2 attrition resulting from poor target selection. It is essential to embed chemistry at the earliest stages of drug discovery as well as within the clinical setting, to help develop a more thorough molecular understanding of disease pathways and to inform target selection.
Equally important is the need to safeguard the skills, knowledge and expertise that are necessary to translate biological opportunities into safe and effective therapeutic agents. As the capacity within UK-based industry to develop these skills amongst drug discovery chemists diminishes, an alternative model for training must be established if the UK is to maintain its global competitiveness in the sector.